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Name calling

Think what you might of Sarah Palin’s politics, she has a great deal to learn about manners.

Let me set the scene: Governor Palin and Senator Biden meet in the centre of the stage before the debate and as they shake hands the Governor leans towards the Senator and says, “Hey, can I call you Joe?”.

Let me get a few things out of the way right off the bat: this is not about politics, it’s about politeness; it’s not about age, sex or status, it’s about manners.

There are few things in our lives that truly belong to us and that are ours to oversee as we would like, our name is one of those things. I have no doubt that Senator Biden would have happily offered Governor Palin the use of his first name, but it was bad manners for the Governor to ask for its use, and particularly bad manners to do so in public.

And no, it wasn’t folksy charm, it was rude. It was designed to put her opponent on the back foot, which some would say is ok in a debate. But even in a debate, the rules of polite behaviour apply. It was also designed so that she would come across as ‘one of the people’, which I find extraordinary. I would think that most people would want their potential Vice President to behave in a way that they could use as an example to their children – since when did lack of manners or education become a badge of honour?

[A note about this blog: it’s new. It isn’t intended to be about Sarah Palin, or politics, it’s intended to be about life and manners and how we deal with both – if politics finds its way into this blog it’s because it’s crossed into that sphere.]


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